Terms & Conditions

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  1. Readers may submit as many entries as they wish, although only one entry from each reader may reach the shortlist.
  2. Entries may be changed at any time until submission is closed. Blatant plagiarism will reduce the chances of the entry making the shortlist, however.
  3. While every effort will be made to ensure that the best entries make the shortlist, the decision of the panel of experts is final.
  4. The site will be hosted by Madeye Software Ltd.
  5. The owner of the site may only be transferred subject to written approval from Madeye Software Ltd.
  6. The term of the prize is two years. If the establishment can still be considered a going concern at that point, further costs must be borne by the owner
  7. The responsiblity for advertising on the winning site remains with Madeye Software Ltd. Any advertising revenue will be retained to cover hosting costs. The site will carry advertising if traffic exceeds 1Gb/month.
  8. These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice