The Lovers Section

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In the Lovers section of the Ravenblack Grimoire, we encourage our readers to anonymously post amorous notes to their loved ones, send Valentines messages to complete stangers or advertise their availability and “preferences” if desired. We are happy to deal with both the sweet, holding hands kind of love as well as the dark and dirty sweat-drenched variety. All we ask is that the boundaries of good taste remain mostly intact.

Creating a treasured memory for a loved is easy. If you wish your message to be anonymous, make sure you are logged out of the Grimoire, and simply follow this link: Send a message to a lover

If you wish to post a Personal ad, email to obtain an anonymous POBox email address.

Lover’s RSS feed can be found here. Please be aware that the content of this feed may not be PG-13.

Terms & Conditions

  • Users of this service must be over 18.
  • All posts require approval by the Lovers editorial staff prior to publishing.
  • Posts will be removed or editted if they are clearly addressed to an individual, and the individual complains in writing