Beginners Guide

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My intent with these texts is to offer the brand-spanking-new player a bit of assistance in understanding the game and, hopefully, encourage their playing and interest in the game and its related communities.

If you find this page as a new player, a ‘fledgling pire’, I hope it serves its purpose as an easy and useful introduction to the game. Also, I hope you’ll understand that the views and tips I express here are strictly based on my opinion and experience. The information itself I do my best to ensure as accurate and up to date, but take no offense to being corrected for issues of technical detail or being offered suggestions regarding game playing perspectives.

Also, I must give thanks and credit to the FTA for it’s help in making this and many other texts possible. Special thanks go to FTA Owner Mod Lady Ravven, as well as my fellow Mods Retro Johnny, Boo Wolfe and Sasquatch. Each of them has been absolutely essential in making these files as inclusive and thorough as they are. A thanking nod to Ursula who emailed me with information regarding some technical issues and formatting problems these texts initially had, and for providing some feedback when I felt like none would come. Cheers to all of you.

Regardless of whether you find these documents useful or not, I hope you enjoy the game as much as I have and that I can do something to assist you in enjoying it further. Happy hunting and may your fangs sink deep.

Yours, ~ Brent "Andronicus" Elskän (jmoc714). Proud FTA Member and Moderator.

Madeye Note:To the best of my knowledge Brent Elskan is no longer an FTA member or moderator