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Like I said in the introduction, this is by no means an ideal way for every player. Some may decide only to get a few powers they think useful. Some may decide that, for whatever reason, they don’t need certain powers, but still want the majority. The idea is that you see the logic to the ordering, the sequence being a relative one to the value you place upon a given power.

If you think getting Stamina 3 isn’t as important as Celerity 3, fine. If you happen to pick up all three levels of Shadow while you get the three levels of Thievery out of convenience, great idea. Think through the path you want to take and don’t be wary of changing your mind. I’ve had many pires in my time and not all of them progressed as I show above. Some were bred to gather specific Guild info, then passed along. Some were just made to be ‘sold’ and followed a system far less inclusive to make them cheaper to create and build. Some were only meant to be theft drones.

What style of play you decide upon will surely differentiate how your main pire and your secondaries (if you have any) are constructed. Role Players may decide to have a segment of their clan which only thieve, never build BP and never buy items, in order to generate a money source. A secondary army of funds creation for the soldiers. Some may be into information gathering and therefore create pires with seemingly incomplete power sets so that they can get very specialized Guild info. Any of these and a hundred other ideas may change the way you build your pire.

The point is to enjoy a game. I hope the recommendations I’ve made here help in doing that for you.

Adieu, ~ Brent "Andronicus" Elskän