Did the guild move already? Where is it?

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It probably is still there. You just don’t know how to see it, yet. Like all the addresses given in The City, the actual location is always one square South-East (SE) of the coordinates given, or if it’s easier for you, Diagonally down and right of the cross-streets.

So an address of “Steel and 58th” is meaning not in the middle of the street itself [the gray squares], but just SE of it [in the black square]. Since the guilds are secretive and roving bands of power-givers, you will never see the ‘sign’ like for a transit station, pub or magic shop. You must put yourself EXACTLY in the black square SE of the cross- streets. Then new options will show up.

Of course, the guilds do move every few days. Usually about every 4 days or so, but they don’t really follow a timing pattern that we have been able to fix. Most the time, the Thieves Guilds move first, then all the others.

If you’re absolutely certain that a guild has moved and plan to tell the FTA about it, prove it and include a screen shot of your pire in the correct square showing that there is no guild info coming up below the map view. If you don’t know how to do a screen shot, see here.



The information regarding moves dates not having a “timing pattern” is incorrect. The guilds move on the 1, 5, 9, 13, 17, 22, 27 of every month. Could someone update this entry to that effect. Thanks.


Well spotted. Thanks for this :D Can you confirm that these dates are valid after the recent “unscheduled move” shenanigans?


But, I have not been able to find any information regarding the “unscheduled move” shenanigans other than the note on the map maintained by “ c daMaph” at http://www.realm2.net/vampire/map.php. From playing I am beginning to suspect these dates may no longer be reliable. This would happen days after I post it, no? If you have any further information regarding the move changes, could you refer me to it? I would have thought RB would have posted a change this significant in the News on the game site.