Growing Your Main Vampire

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Alright, now I’m sure many people will have objections to my ordering, but like I said: This is my personal view. I’m open to hear arguments for the reordering of this listing, just contact me using email me.

I’m sure some of you have taken note of the lack of a given power as well. Neutrality. This is because I find the attainment of the other powers more interesting and entertaining, and because Neutrality, in my view, does one thing more often than all the other things it does: Reduces my thieving by half! I love thieving, so fuck Neutrality. And yes, I’ve been ‘zeroed’, so I can see why others might want it. I just can’t stand to see what could have been a 6,000+ coin score get halved for the off chance that I might one day get splashed with holy water. Now for the why and such.