How does the street layout work?

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First, you should get a map. The most recent one I have will HOPEFULLY always be available HERE for you to save.

Second, you should read the FAQ the RavenBlack wrote for the game. Lots of good info is there and the street layout is very well addressed in there.

Now, to really understand the street layout, you should know a few details. Obviously they run in numeric order from top to bottom, so it’s 1st street and in order to 100th street. Then there is the tricky bit. The named ones.

The 100 named streets run in alphabetical order of sorts. First divide the city in half. Then figure two streets for each letter of the alphabet, except the letter "X". The first half of the city is animals and trees. The second half is stones and moods.

So in the first half, the west side, it starts "Aardvark" (a type of animal) "Alder" (a tree) "Buzzard" (animal) "Beech" (tree) and so on through "Zebra" and "Zelkova". So in order of animal, tree, animal, tree, all through the first alphabet side, skipping "X"

The second half of the city, the east side, is stones and a variety of negative emotional states. Like the west side, they always follow the pattern of stone, mood, stone, mood. So after "Zelkova" from the west side is "Amethyst" (stone), "Anguish" (mood), "Beryl" (stone), "Bleak" (mood) and so forth until "Zinc" and "Zestless", skipping "X".