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Firstly, let me state this: The following suggestions are just that. Suggestions. Take into consideration that my own point of view has been the main source of logic surrounding these tips, and this document should not be considered definitive for all players or styles of play. I recommend you familiarize yourself with the game as a whole and come up with a system you feel works best for your style of play.

Also, I have just learned of the new power Telepathy. I have yet to work this into the scheme, but I think it ought to fit well into the ‘optional’ category. I will revise this page to include the power when I find the time.

Of particular note I recommend you read all the Powers Texts, as this document assumes you understand at least the basics of what the powers are and how they function. Of course, I suggest you begin by reading my own, linked here, and any additional materials you may find in the FTA files section. Also invaluable to the new player are, of course, the in game FAQ, How To Play and News sections. Virtually everything I know about the game came from first reading all the How To, the News and FAQ, then playing.

There is really no reason one cannot become equally knowledgable to most of the ‘ancient’ players out there like myself, Sasquatch, creperum, Wander, Devil Miyu, Lady Ravven, Retro Johnny, Xeneri and many others, with the same information and the added help of the various texts I and others have put together.