Introductory Thanks

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Thanks go to Retro Johnny, Morgana/Donna, Sasquatch, Tich, Cunnilingus1, biberman, creperum, Sir Vampyre, purplelight99, SimSil, Nicolae, Furry One, Jezebel Moon’s Ho and many more whom I can’t recall off hand.

Special thanks to Parelle of the Sun Clan for her continued support and information assistance. And, of course, very special thanks to Lady Ravven of the FTA for hosting my resurrected pages. You’re a blessing, dear. Without her, you wouldn’t be viewing this now.

Thanks also to all of you that post at FTA and the Live Journal community Lost In Shadows for making these texts possible. Keep posting. I appreciate everyone who shares their information. It’s what these groups are about.

And of course, thanks to the game’s creator, Raven Black for being a constant source of entertainment and information. Without the help he gave me when he visited my IRC channel so long ago I may never have learned as much as I now know, and I’m not just talking about the game information. Well, and he did throw in that barman quote about PBIANPF for me as well. What a swell guy.</p>