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::: Quick & Dirty :::

Available at: Empaths Guild.
 Locate 1: 1500 coins + 40 BP [4 x 10].
 Locate 2: 4000 coins + 60 BP [4 x 15].
 Locate 3: 15000 coins + 100 BP [4 x 25].

Effect: Locate tells you the location of another vampire. The accuracy of the 
location increases with each level.

 Locate 1: Tells the number of squares away a vamp is.
 Locate 2: Tells the direction, and number of squares away.
 Locate 3: Tells the exact location of the vampire.

Infuse your blood with four specific points of the city.

NOTE: If you have both Locate and Second-sight, use 2nd-site to get the location. Using Locate takes 1 AP, while 2nd-site takes only half an AP, but still gives Locate information equivalent to your Locate level as a part of the 2nd-site info.

::: Detailed Description :::

Locate is a fairly useful power, but a rather involved quest. The process is to go infuse your essence into various areas of the city. For level one it is the corners, level two middle streets and level three the center areas. Always four locations (different for each level) and always the same phrase must be said. Check-Point.

When you go to the Guild, you pay the guild master and you are told to go to a specific location and say Check-Point. When you do, you lose the required BP and are told another location. You repeat this at all four locations and then you get the power.

Note that the locations given are meant to be the exact intersection. Not the South-Eastern black square like the Guild locations are given, but the gray cross-street intersection. You should be in the same square with the green street sign showing the location you were told to say Check-Point in.

    Level 1 locations are:
  1. Aardvark and 1st
  2. Aardvark and 100th
  3. Zestless and 100th
  4. Zestless and 1st
    Level 2 locations are:
  1. Aardvark and 50th
  2. Zestless and 50th
  3. Zelkova and 1st
  4. Zelkova and 100th
    Level 3 locations are:
  1. Sycamore and 38th
  2. Sycamore and 63rd
  3. Gypsum and 63rd
  4. Gypsum and 38th

::: Sample Quest Texts :::

When you pay for the Guild cost you see:

"To complete your LOCATE ability, you need the center of the city to know you. Spill twenty-five pints of your blood at each of four specific points in the city center. First, go to the corner of Sycamore and 38th and say 'Check-Point'. Make sure you say it exactly as I did. You will have five days to reach each checkpoint."
Andronicus says "Check-Point"
Andronicus kneels on the ground, and gently tears open a wrist with a daggerlike fingernail. Blood flows forth, and half-seeps, half-crawls into the paved ground.
Next you must say 'Check-Point' at the corner of Sycamore and 63rd.

Um. For some reason I forgot to include the last part of my Locate quest text when I was making this original text. Heh. Sorry. Ur… Look, you’ll see what it says when you’re done. Happy hunting.