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::: Quick & Dirty :::

Available at: Peacekeepers Missions
 Mission 1: Emerald & 67th
 Mission 2: Unicorn & 33rd
 Mission 3: Emerald & 33rd

 Neutrality 1: 10000 coins 
 Neutrality 2: 10000 coins + 500 BP
 Neutrality 3: 10000 coins + 1000 BP 

Effect: Neutrality designates your vampire as "non-violent."

 No Neutrality: SoTurn/HW against you have full effect and you may use both.
 ANY Neutrality level: SoTurns cause you no BP damage but still move you.
 ANY Neutrality level: You may use a SoTurn to move vamps but it takes no BP. 
 Neutrality 1: HW against you have less effect.
 Neutrality 2: HW against you have little effect.
 Neutrality 3: HW against you are nearly worthless.

::: Detailed Description :::

As stated in the News on the game server, when you get Neutrality (any level), you are rendered immune to the damaging effects of Scrolls of Turning, though you can still be moved. You can use SoTurns as well, but the mirror event happens when you do: the pires you Turn are movable, but take no BP damage.

You take reduced damage from Holy Water; the amount of reduction increases the more blood you have. At level 3, you take only one damage from holy water - less than being drunk from by a vampire with Suction.

Unlike the other powers, Neutrality can be removed, for a price.

::: Interacting With Neutral Vamps :::

Neutral vampires are highlighted in pink. Neutral vampires can’t give money to non-Neutral vampires, since that would be a breach of Neutrality. Also, each time you steal as a Neutral vampire, half your take goes to the Peacekeepers; the same applies to normal vampires stealing from Neutral.

Not that it matters, but if you look at the CSS which is used to format the appearance of the game pages, there is an entry at the very bottom which is used to designate the color of neutral vampires. The custom CSS entry to make a pire's name appear that ugly pink hue is ".pansy". Heh heh. I suppose that expresses a little of RavenBlack's opinion on the matter. ^_^