Part I

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Second-sight comes first because you only get the power by donating and I wholly advocate people support a game they play so much that they read any text of this nature. Besides, you kill the pop-up advertisements and shit, are not going to be setting off some script issues by accident and can get what is arguably the most difficult power to attain, and next on the list, as your one other power for donating.

Thievery. The power which pays for all other things. Thievery one is, by the design and nature of the game, the most difficult power to get. As a fledgling pire you have but two ways to receive the funds needed to buy this power: biting humans and in-game coin gifts. If you are not in a clan or in contact with a decent sire or a friend who also plays and has a bit in the bank, the second option is out. And it takes forever to get the coin needed to pay for Thievery 1 just by human corpse-molesting.

Therefore, the first real suggestion regarding powers attainment is that you donate at least $5 US and request your freebie power be Thievery 1. More on donations in a moment.

I know it takes a great deal of time to go from Thievery 1 to 2 and then 2 to 3, but it’s well worth the preparation. Besides, once you have the first level, the second isn’t too hard, really, from there 3 is pretty easy, and the whole time you’re biting humans to stock up on BP for the future. So have patience and keep at it. Thievery 3 kicks ass.