Part II

1 minute read

Suction, while a seemingly hefty cost to the new pire, is a rather important power to get early in the game, as it can also be considered a power which pays you back in the long run. Adding an extra pint each time you bite only lessens the time it takes for you to gain the needed cost of other powers in the only other currency of the game: Blood Points (BP). Besides, after running about to TG2 and then 3 only to click and get a power with no fanfare, the Suction quest is really rather entertaining.

Celerity 1 continues the questing fun and is obviously useful. I know many new pires grow impatient waiting for AP to rebuild when they have some goal in mind, so the attainment of this power ought to at least temporarily relieve some of that ‘must- -play- -MORE-!’ thirst we are all guilty of at times. This also gives you something to work on while you build BP to learn the first level of Stamina.

Shadows 1 gives the player a little break from severe costs and sometimes tiresome questing. It’s cheap, requires no BP or questing, and, like Celerity 1, helps build BP as you nibble humans to go get it.

Locate 1 is in here because… Er… I don’t know. Why not? It’s pretty cheap, entertaining as quests go, not too high on the BP cost scale and you gotta get it some time if you plan to help a group where people sometimes either look for each other or attack people. I don’t much care about Locate, but the levels of various powers effect what powers you can get when you donate.

Surprise is pretty useful, as you don’t need to scroll banks or guilds and therefore don’t need to carry more than a couple SoTurns with you for a favour. This reduces your overhead costs. Yay! Of course, it costs a boat-load of coins, but I think this is good for two reasons. 1- It sets a goal which is challenging but not unattainable for a pire which has done the all the previous powers as suggested, and 2- it once again creates a BP building lapse of time between the BP costing powers.