Part III

2 minute read

Stamina 1 is probably the power I cringed at the hardest when I got it and is probably the power type with the largest overall sting. That massive drop in your hard-won BP count is a blow to the ego and really takes time to rebuild. This is where I mention donating again.

Because of the cost in BP for this power, and its progressive levels, I suggest you just make another donation and ask RB to make your next power this one. And if possible, go ahead and get Stamina 2 now as well. It only makes things easier. This lets you save those BP for some other power and gives you all those proud, warm fuzzies for being a decent vampire. Eh, decent human, that is.

Celerity 2 is another questing power, so you shouldn’t be getting too bored with the non-quest powers being mixed in with the quest ones, and will once again satiate the ‘-play- -MORE-!’ monster when it kicks in. And while you’re at it, you can hopefully have pubs within reasonable distances of one another so you can be part-time-thieving your way from one quest point to the next and making a little bank. Not a terribly costly power, either, to be honest.

Shadows 2 and 3 are thrown in here only because you might as well take a little breather from high-ticket shopping and the somewhat long quest prior to this. I suppose the drop into shadows in 24 hours thing is kind of neat in coupling with level 2 Celerity, as by the time you get the last two levels of Shadows, you can log out, take a day or three to actually not use your computer for a change, maybe even read, and then come back to a fully charged max-AP level and a hardly nibbled pire. Besides, after the next power, you’ll want all your other leveled powers already at level 2.</p>

Locate 2 is really a lot like Shadows 2/3 above in that it’s pretty cheap, only a little useful for now and also because it will play a roll in how you can get some powers when donating. Since you need to have all level-based powers at level 1 before you can donate to get a power up to level 2, or at level 2 before you can get a donation power up to level 3, you should have Locate 2 before you, hopefully, donate to get Stamina 3.