Part IV

2 minute read

Stamina 2 represents a huge chunk of BP to lose, so I hope you can see the importance of both Suction and donations. At this point I actually would say donate to get Stamina 2 and 3 at the same time (just to simplify). Since you’ve already gotten all the other level-based powers to level 2 (or better), you can now get not only level 2 Stamina, but also level 3 via donation. This is a nice avoidance of the loss of not just BP, but also all those little +1 Max-AP bonuses you’ve enjoyed by doubling your BP count thus far.

Celerity 3 becomes the last important power to get, if you went ahead and donated for Stamina 3 as mentioned above, and is definitely a long and usually difficult quest. With any luck, by the time you can get to this power, you can afford a few SoTel to help you if you really need them. And once complete, even if you didn’t donate for Stamina 3, the speed increase to AP gain is really useful.

Locate 3 is actually supposed to be the end of the list, due to it’s near uselessness, but if you didn’t/couldn’t donate for Stamina 2/3 it will be easier to go ahead and just get this over with before the whopping BP cost of Stamina 3. Locate 3 is more a matter of convenience and entertainment than a real power, IMO, but is still one step closer to having a ‘fully-charged’ vampire. And while you build up the 15,000 coins this dumb power costs, you can rebuild those BP… yet again.

Stamina 3 will be, if you didn’t/couldn’t donate like mentioned above, your final goal in powers. It represents the most tear-jerking in-game cost and is certainly something to be proud of getting if you have to, or choose to, do it through the Guild. I think this power was the most discouraging one to see happen, yet I find it extremely useful, so I suppose it must be done. Who doesn’t want +10 to their base Max-AP?

Now, unless my sleep deprivation is deceiving me, you ought to have the full powers set except Neutrality, which is a shitty power. Ok, so it’s actually a really good idea, the way Raven has tweaked it since it was first created, except for that whole cutting my thievery proceeds in half bullshit.

Pat yourself on the back and have a smoke if you read this segment from start to finish. You deserve it.