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::: Quick & Dirty :::

Available at: Thieves Guilds.
 Shadows 1: 1000 coins.
 Shadows 2: 2000 coins.
 Shadows 3: 4000 coins.

Effect: Shadows decreases the number of days it takes for a vampire to fall into 
shadow by one for each level. Normal time to fall into Shadow is 4 days of inactivity.

::: Detailed Description :::

Shadows is the state of being "invisible" on the game board. A vampire in this state cannot be seen by the "naked eye," as it were, and yet still can add to the number of pires in a given square. So, feasibly, a square could be blue/impassable, yet not show any vampires in it, because they all dropped into shadows.

RavenBlack did us poor old bastards who have been attacked a small favour and made it impossible to harm a vampire who is lost in shadow. Previously, a pire could be in shadow and others could still throw HW on him/her or, if the attacker knew how to use the links in a none too honest fashion, still rob or bite the shadow-lost vampire.

Nowadays if you’re lost in shadows, you are essentially impervious to harm, invincible. And believe me, many of us thank the RavenBlack for it, too. Many of us old pires were around getting sprayed and robbed while in shadows before anyone had ever even thought of the Neutrality power.

Coming out of shadows requires little or no effort. Simply log in and move. Do something. Anything. Anything that takes AP to do should bring you out of shadows. Including too many hits to the script, BTW.

If you go into shadows too long, you can get consumed by them and your vampire will disappear. Actually, it’s the clean-up script segment deleting vampires who haven’t donated and who’ve been inactive for three weeks. Only a vampire with second-sight can overcome being consumed by shadows. (Meaning that your pire can’t be deleted because you gave a donation.)

Getting the power is simple. Go to the guild and pay for it. The end…