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::: Quick & Dirty :::

Available at: Immolators Guild (ALL/ANY).
Cost: 7500 coins + quest.
No levels for this power. Once only cost.
Effect: Suction drains an extra pint each time you bite.

::: Detailed Description :::

Suction is obtained at the Immolator’s Guilds (any of them), and is a one time quest.

Suction effects how you bite. When biting vampires, you get two pints instead of one and when biting humans, instead of getting 1 to 3 pints, you get 2 to 4 each time.

It costs 7500 coins and then you set on a quest to put the blood of 20 other pires with higher BP than you into a wine flask like thing.

When you begin, you have a three day timer to bite someone with more blood than you. Once you do, the timer resets and you have another three days. Once you reach 20, you are done and you gain the Suction power.

During your quest, you gain no BP by drinking from those pires, and they lose about 5 (some say 6) BPs. They get little messages and so do you, each time you find the right level of pire and bite them.

This isn’t hard to accomplish if you have a fairly low BP level. But higher level pires, say 2000 and more, have trouble finding pires who have more BPs than they do, so the three days is useful if you want to keep high BPs and still get Suction.

Some vamps are deciding to get Stamina levels first, which can severely lower your BPs in buying, so they are at low enough levels to easily find people with higher BPs to help them get Suction faster. This is the case for people with already high BPs.

However, if your pire is low in BPs, Suction is rather important to get, to help quickly get as many BPs as possible in order to pay for Stamina or other BP costing quests.

::: Sample Quest Texts :::

When you pay for the Guild cost you see:

"To gain a level of SUCTION, you need to fill this bag (the guildmaster hands you something that looks like a wineskin) with the blood of powerful vampires. You must bag blood from at least one powerful vampire every three days, until the bag is full, or it will lose its power.
"(To bag a vampire's blood, simply drink from a vampire whose blood count is higher than yours.)"

When you bite, you see:

"You drain much more blood than you usually could from (Name of Vamp), syphoning it into the bag as you go. Again, you have 3 days to find the next victim."

When you bite, they see:

"(Name of Vamp) sucked blood from you. You were temporarily paralysed, unable to do anything but watch as the blood was drained - more blood than you would usually expect. As if to add insult to injury, (Name of Vamp) isn't even drinking, instead spitting huge mouthfuls of your blood into some kind of wineskin."

When you have finally bitten the 20th pire, you see:

"You drain much more blood than you usually could from (Name of Vamp), syphoning it into the bag as you go.
"The bag is finally full. You upend it into your mouth. The blood burns as it goes down, but in an almost pleasant, if slightly unnerving, way. As the last drop passes your lips, you feel a new strength in your lungs and in your fangs."