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This text made possible because of the extra help offered by Parelle. Thanks, hon!

::: Quick & Dirty :::

Available at: Travelers Guild
 Telepathy 1:  2,500 coins + 10 AP
 Telepathy 2:  5,000 coins + 10 AP
 Telepathy 3: 10,000 coins + 10 AP

 Effect: Telepathy lets you send messages to other vampires regardless 
 of location. The power uses AP to send the message at the following rates 
 [half AP cost for communicating with sires or childer(family)]:
 Telepathy 1: 10 AP (5 for family)
 Telepathy 2:  6 AP (3 for family)
 Telepathy 3:  3 AP (1 for family)

::: Detailed Description :::

Thus far, the News on the game server is the most accurate info and is as follows.

Telepathy (3 Levels Available): The vampire is able to send telepathic messages to other vampires, no matter where they are. At level one it costs ten action points to send a telepathic message. At level two it costs six. At level three it costs two. Sending a message to your sire or one of your childer costs half the action points of communicating with other vampires, ie. it costs only one action point to communicate with one of your childer using level three telepathy.

So, yes. The same thing as above. The lovely and ever-informative Parelle of the Sun Clan had this to say in the Lost In Shadows community:

Mon, Feb. 16th, 2004, 05:04 pm

If you're curious, here are the messages that pop up:

Power: Intensive training, lasting several hours, leaves you feeling very tired. Your mind, on the other hand, is feeling especially alert. You have gained a level of TELEPATHY.

Message: You concentrate, and send a telepathic message to the vampire _____.

Indeed, I messaged one of my childer (i do have so few!) and it cost half of what it could have.

Additionally, be aware that the reduction of AP costs does not apply to your "extended pack." That is, using Telepathy to talk to your childer will be half normal AP cost, but your childer’s childer still cost the normal AP to send a message to, and the other way, presumably as well (your sire =1/2 normal AP cost; your sire’s sire =full normal AP cost).

Of note is the fact that there is no quest for this power. You simply go to the correct guild and buy the power. Additionally, the moment you click the button to buy the power at the guild you will be down ten AP, as the idea is that you spend a lot of time and energy “studying” to obtain the power.

A very big thanks to Parelle of the Sun Clan for her invaluable information sharing on this power. This info wouldn’t be up if not for her help.