The Point?

1 minute read

Many players get to their first city view, click around a bit and say to themselves ‘what the hell is the point of this?’ Usually, they proceed then to check the How To Play, then the FAQ, maybe the News. Still, at first the game seems kind of pointless. So I click around, getting blood and… what? So I’m a vampire? So what does that do?

Really, the intended ‘point’ isn’t much more than that. Drink blood, be a pseudo-vampire and there you go. Of course, more than your BP becomes the point, if you want, when you decide to get powers or contact other players or whatever. In fact, massive numbers of people belong to dozens of groups out there dedicated solely to this game and it’s details. You’d be shocked if you knew the amount of time some of us devote to clans or message boards that do no more than focus on this game.

Lots of people enjoy it for the RP they create around it. Many just enjoy trying to attain a certain ‘Rank’ (There are many ranks associated to the number of BPs you have). Others like to work on building a vampire with a full set of powers. Probably, though, the RP aspect is where many players find the most enjoyment.

There are too many ‘clans’ and groups for me to recount them all here, and that would only be a list of the ones which I happen to know of. I’m sure there are many more groups I’m completely unaware of that exist all over the web and world.

You can either join up with some sort of group or play independently. You could get some friends to come to your biter link and join you in exploring the game, maybe start a little role play of your own, a little clan all to yourself. You could try to find your vampire’s sire in the city and see if they have a clan or group of their own or that they recommend.

But I’ll get to clans and groups in other places. Let’s just move on.