Your Vampire

4 minute read

So you have this vampire. Let’s log in and go check it out. Get to the game page and log in, then click the link in the upper right of your screen that says My Vampire and take a look.

In the little white-bordered box you’ll see a fairly empty looking screen, most likely. Your number of BP, your list of Powers, your Money, your listing of Possessions: all of which probably have a small or null amount in them. That’s ok, we’ll be doing our best to change that soon enough.

Then there’s your lineage info: your childer, your sire, your bloodline. While this stuff isn’t really important, per se, and doesn’t effect what you are able to do within the game, it’s something of a pride point for some players to have a long and strong blood lineage.

Other than becoming a sire to more childer, you can do little to change this information. Many players seem to want to be a ‘master vampire’ for some reason. I can assure you that this does little to effect anything for your vampire and in no way makes anything easier or harder in relation to your game play. In fact, my main pire is a master vampire with about 12 continuing childer, and it’s done nothing to help me in any way, although I have helped out childer with game coin gifts to help them gain powers or purchase items.

I must admit that I feel a certain sense of obligation to my childer, as many vampires do, and am willing to help them more easily and more extensively than just a random pire looking for a hand-out. Sort of how some people feel about family members versus strangers in relation to what you’ll do to help a person. You may wish to seek out your sire and see if they like to keep track of their childer.

Now, aside from this screen and clicking around drinking blood, you can do a number of other things using the More Commands option at the bottom of the City view which you move around in. Depending on what sort of place you’re in, what items you might have and if there are other vampires in a location with you, the More Commands screen has many different options which can show up. Here’s a sort of tweaked example I made which illustrates the More Commands link well enough.

Ok, now you can look at the view above and see what I’m talking about. Note that I made the More Commands link bright yellow and huge. Find it. Never ask me where the More Commands link is.

… Ever.

Anyhow, if you’re just in any old street with no other pires in the square with you and you click More Commands, if you have no items, the only thing that will show up is the option to say something. If you happen to be in the square with another vampire, they will read what you say the next time they log in, or if they are logged in and hit refresh.

If you’re carrying coins and in a square with another vampire, you will see another option in the More Commands view: give of your ### coins to .

The options change also if you have items, but we can cover that in a later section. For now, just know that the More Commands view makes it possible to use items, speak and give coins. No, you can’t give items away. They are yours for good once you buy them, unless you take the Pawn Shop pay outs. But we will be getting to all that later.

When you interact with another vampire, certain things are considered an ‘attack’ by the script. Speaking isn’t, but just about anything else you can do to a vampire is. Biting, robbing and spraying them with Holy Water are all thought of as attacks by the script and you can only attack a given pire once while they remain still. Meaning they have to move again for you to be able to attack them again. Other vamps can still come along and attack them somehow, but they are under the same restriction you are.

You probably also noticed that you can ask humans directions. This is a complete waste of AP. Use the maps and bite that little bastard. It wastes five AP just to ask those dumb mortals anything and they don’t always have a clue.If you do decide to waste your AP and time talking to a human, you can still drink them when you’re done. I think… I can’t be sure, since I’ve never wasted my time trying to talk to those sacks of flesh. Who cares, just don’t bother asking them shit. Use a map and game related message boards to get the info you want.

Let’s go on now.