Scrolls of Turning

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Tip Text
"This scroll should be read in a specific direction. Any undead 
within a short distance in that direction will become confused and distracted, 
briefly wandering aimlessly. Affected vampires may also find themselves somewhat 
drained of power."

Ok, what that means is, you use the item by clicking More Commands and you will see an option to read a Scroll of Turning to the [DROP-DOWN-LIST], where the list is a list of each direction of an eight point compass: North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West and Northwest. I would click More Commands, select a direction from the SoTurn drop-down menu and then click the button next to it which says Turn. When I did so, all vampires in the given square would be processed by the game script as being hit with the scroll’s effect, and if they didn’t resist the effect by having the Stamina power (which is never going to resist 100% of the time), they would be bounced out of the square to a random one next to it and lose 10 BP.

To illustrate, let me once again show you a standard map view, this time with the ‘More Commands’ options showing, and make some notation for you to have a better idea. Refer back to this example when I describe the options of each item and how you use the More Commands to activate them.

Ok, looking at that example, if I were to open the More Commands options, I would have the choice of directions which would let me read the scroll of turning towards the Northwest to ‘Turn’ the vamps with the names preceded by NW_ in the example. Not much point in that unless I feel like pissing off a couple vamps for no reason.

If I accidently chose to read it to the North, no vamps would be effected by the scroll, as there are none in that square. By this you can probably reason out that I’m also saying vampires in the same square as I’m in (names with the word ‘Same’ in their names in this example) will not be effected by the scroll.

Suppose, though, I wanted to clear out that bank which is all blued out and impassable, so I can get in there and deposit or withdraw some coins and drink up that tasty human. I’d go through the process I described above, selecting South for the direction, and watch as all or most of the 9 vampires in that square moved. The human isn’t effected by items so it stays put.

SoTurns are considered area effects by the script, not an attack, so you can use them over and over on the same vampire, if you want to. There is the afore mentioned Stamina power which can resist these, however, and Neutral vampires, whose vampire names appear in pink text, are movable but cannot lose BP to the scrolls. We’ll get to all that in the Powers section.

Lastly, this item requires that you have at least 50 BP to be used. Just an incentive to play. And that should pretty much cover the SoTurns.