The Items

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WARNING: I’m going to be extremely careful in explaining the items as new players seem to have many many seemingly obvious and simple questions about them and how they work. If this page seems painfully simplified it is only because I have been painfully pestered with little, time-consuming questions about what seemed to be the most obvious of facts regarding items. The only thing which seems to garner more confusion and questions than the items are the guilds. That’s understandable, but still: I get an alarming number of questions about items, so I’m going to elaborate on them in extremely simple terms and examples.

Since it’s precisely relevant to this page I am reprinting the info from the Shops page which shows the item prices. There are just three items at the moment. The commonly used abbreviations are:

SoTurn = Scroll of Turning;

SoTele = Scroll of Teleportation;

HW = Holy Water.

Madeye Note There are more items available now.

And, here again are the cost and resell value of the items from and to the appropriate shops:<div><table border="0" width="100%"><tbody valign="top"><tr><td width="32%">Standard prices:
SoTurn: 500 coins
SoTel: 5,000 coins
HW: 2,000 coins</td><td width="34%">Discount prices (-30%):
SoTurn: 350 coins
SoTel: 3,500 coins
HW: 1,400 coins</td><td width="34%">Pawn shops buy:
SoTurn: @ 250 coins
SoTele: @ 2500 coins
HW: @ 1000 coins</td></tr></tbody></table></div>

Now, as for using them and what they do, I’ll tell you that all items are used from the More Commands option at the bottom right of your city view, and we can address what each one does in turn. Much of what follows is a rewite of the text info available in the FTA files section called ‘ScrollsAndStuff’. It was written by ‘Jezebel Moon`s Ho’, ‘Countess Boo Wolfe’ and the geeky Holy Water formula was contributed by ‘Sasquatch’, though I must say that it’s not absolutely correct. RavenBlack says it’s a pretty close approximation to the actual wave and can be used as a good enough guide to estimate.

If you have an item, you can go to your My Vampire screen and you will see it listed in your Possessions with a little help icon next to it. You can hover over the icon to get an information tip in the form of a text box which appears at the top left corner of your screen. For each item I’ll reprint that Tip Text as well.

Also, before I go on, I must mention that each item is a single-use item. If you use it, it’s gone. Personally, I like to imagine the scrolls igniting into balls of purple flame as I read the incantation. Ok, so I’m weird. Anyhow, all items are unusable until you have at least 50 BP. Specifics follow.