The Shops

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Shops come in two types now: Magic shops, which sell the items you will learn about shortly, and Pawn shops, which will buy back items at a loss. First, I’ll explain about something peculiar to both kinds. They move.

See, in the game concept, we run around a city which is something like the cities we all live in now in that no one believes vampires exist and no one thinks magic exists. For that reason, the shops and guilds must keep on the move to avoid the prying eyes and interference of the human population. It’s like the whole Harry Potter witches idea, if that helps. There, but pretty secret to most the ‘muggles’, to borrow from the series terminology.

Here’s an excerpt from a text in the FTA files section which tells you a little about the types of shops and what items they sell. I’ll describe the items in more detail in the next section, but for now you just need to know there are just three items at the moment and their costs. The abbreviations meanings are:
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SoTurn = Scroll Of Turning;
SoTele = Scroll of Teleportation;

HW = Holy Water.
Here is the info.</p>

Shops move every 12 hours.
Standard prices:
SoTurn: 500 coins
SoTel: 5,000 coins
HW: 2,000 coins
Discount prices (-30%):
SoTurn: 350 coins
SoTel: 3,500 coins
HW: 1,400 coins
Pawn shops buy:
SoTurn: @ 250 coins
SoTele: @ 2500 coins
HW: @ 1000 coins
Scroll shops (both kinds)
Discount Scrolls
Herman's Scrolls
Paper and Scrolls
Scrolls 'n' Stuff
Scrolls R Us
Ye Olde Scrolles
Potion Shops (HW only)
Discount Potions
Potable Potions
Potion Distillery
Silver Apothecary
The Potion Shoppe
Magic Shops (sell all 3 items)
Discount Magic
Dark Desires
Interesting Times
The Magic Box
White Light
Pawn Shops:
Spinners Pawn
Ace Pawn
Checkers Pawn
Reversi Pawn

Now, to find those shops you go to a pub and buy the more expensive drinks, as described in the previous text on Pubs. As it mentioned wisely in that one, if you can afford it, buying Blood every time is the best purchase as it will have the highest ratio of shop or guild information to purchases, and has the added benefit of giving you two pints of blood each time.

Obviously the most sought after shops are Discount shops, and if you get that info, hurry and get there. They are worth the journey as they sell the items at a 30% discount.

As for Pawn Shops, there’s a good explanation of them in the News on the game server, which I hope you’ve read by now, but here it is to be completely inclusive:

December 11 2003 - Pawn Shops There are now four pawn shops in the city. They behave the same as other shops in that they move around the city at various intervals, but they don't sell things. Instead you can sell them your old objects that you no longer want - at a loss, of course.

Why would you want to sell items? Suppose you had just become Neutral and had 50 HWs you couldn’t use. What else would you do with them? Remember, you can’t give items away. Well, then the Pawn shops become useful. Anyhow, you won’t recall most of this stuff, but all you really need to remember about the shops is how to find their locations, their moving habits and what kinds they are. This is more of a reference page for later if you need it, so let’s get on to understanding the items.