Vials of Holy Water

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Tip Text
"If the owner of this item should find themselves 
in proximity to a vampire, it might well be a lifesaver - a vampire splashed 
with Holy Water will bleed profusely, which should give the lucky owner time to

This is the one and only true ‘weapon’ in the game so far. It is also the one item which requires you to have a minimum of 200 BP to use. This is to prevent a pire who hovers at some tiny BP from hounding a stronger player by repeatedly finding and attacking them with no regard for their own BP. It’s a long story.

To use HW you must be in the same square as the vampire you wish to ‘spray’ with it, click the (you guessed it) More Commands link, select the target pire’s name from the appropriate drop-down list and click the Spray button. Some players, myself included, call it giving a pire a bath or bathing them.

When you spray a pire with HW, it severely reduces their BPs. How much it actually takes off is somewhat random, but basically the higher the vampire’s BP, the more it takes off. Sort of. It’s kind of a wave or curve which Raven Black generated that will give you greater resistance to HW if you get into really high BPs like the 5000 to 10000+ range, and reduces the damage to lower BP vamps as well. Anyhow, it’s really shitty to get Holy Watered and you can take the act as an outright ‘fuck you’ from whoever sprays you with it.

Oh, and I should point out that spraying one vampire can sometimes effect other vamps in the same square, though not nearly as bad. Imagine it like spilling a couple drops of acid on someone while throwing a bucket of it on someone else. Ouch.

Now, Sasquatch, a fellow FTA moderator and geek, has presented the following formula to us which he believes to be an accurate calculator for the HW effect. As I stated above, this formula isn’t really 100% correct, so take it as best guess from a really bright guy (meaning Sas). Raven vouches that it’s close enough to the actual wave that it gives you a relatively good idea of what amounts of BP loss to expect on a given vampire. Here’s his formula from the text.

=========== BEGIN MATH GEEK HW FORMULA INFO ============
When hit by a HW, the formula is:
  NBP = OBP - (OBP^0.1 * OBP^0.5)
  OBP = "original blood points"

  NBP = "new blood points"
  HWL = "holy water loss"

  100 -  16 =   84
  250 -  27 =  223
  500 -  42 =  458
 1000 -  63 =  937
 2500 - 109 = 2391
 5000 - 166 = 4834

[Note: actual amounts may vary slightly]

============ END MATH GEEK HW FORMULA INFO =============
[andronicus@jmocbox714 ~]\$

And that ought to wrap up items. Now… The Guilds!