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One thing I haven’t figured out where to put is the Necromancers information. I thought it sort of belonged in the Shops page, as that’s where you find them, but that page was pretty long as is, and ‘Necros’ are sort of a special feature of the Shops, not really an everyday part of them. Anyhow, the FTA files section had a good text on them and I essentially ripped it off to place it here, so here’s that text:

1. What are necromancers?
Necromancers let you buy one pint of blood for 25 coins.
2. Where can I find a necromancer?
Shops in the city which sell potions (IE: Holy Water) will have a Necromancer. [note: some players have said that only potion/apothecary shops (i.e. those that sell HW only, not all-in-one shops) have resident necromancers. See #8.]
3. I found one, now what?
You can buy up to 100 BP less than your highest BP level. (e.g. if you had 2500 BP and were the target of several dozen HW attacks, you could go to a shop that sells HW and buy back up to 2400).
3a. I went there but I didn't see one... why not?
If you don't "qualify" for using a Necromancer, the option doesn't show up in the shop screen. [note: some players have said that only potion/apothecary shops (i.e. those that sell HW only, not all-in-one shops) have resident necromancers. See #8.]
4. What kind of damage can he repair?
This works on all BP lost, not just what the HW took off, too. If you had only lost 800 to HW, but another 150 in scrolls of turning and say 8 more from bites. You could still buy back up to 2400. Luckily, this works if you have paid BP for Stamina as well. If you just got Stamina 1, 2, and 3 (which includes a cost of 500+1000+1500 BP). You could go to a necromancer and buy 2900 of that back from him.
5. I had more BP than that... what's the deal?
Once more, he will not ever heal you past 100 LESS than your maximum level.
6. Are there any other ways to get back my BP?
You can still get 2 BP for each pub Blood (100 coins) you buy at a pub, so that is twice the cost of Necros, but is not restricted in any way. There is also the more traditional way... drinking from more targets!
7. What about Discount shops? Are they cheaper?
Alas, the Discount magic stores may be cheaper on the items, but are still the same cost for Necros. Too bad. Discount BP would kick ass.
8. How accurate is this information?
There is still a bit of information that we do NOT know for certain about the operation of these individuals known as necromancers. If you have been damaged beyond 100 pints and can let us know (via the group) where our information is mistaken, we'll be happy to correct it!
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Sas- FTA Member & Mod
(note: most of this text was cribbed shamelessly from Brent's FTA message #2362)
Oh... Well it looks like Sasquatch 'stole' it from me and I just 'stole' it back. OK, well, yeah. That's the way we do things in the FTA. Free trade of information, and all that ^_^, heh heh. Thanks Sas. You kick ass. Anyhow, that covers the Necromancers really well, so I'll just move on.