Pire Etiquette

1 minute read

Since I’ve kind of brushed on the topic of pire etiquette, I also want to mention a few habits that many players and myself happen to play by which are sort of a way of being a ‘good little biter’ in the game.

One such habit is to encourage others to play by not biting other vampires. This may seem odd, but personally I think it’s a waste of AP. If I see another vampire, I don’t want to waste an AP on biting them when I could be robbing them. Heh heh. In an RP way, it’s also a bit rude to bite anyone besides your close friends. Of course, RP-wise, it’s also a bit rude to pick people’s pockets, so whatever.

That’s actually another point of etiquette. It’s just a fact of the game that we are able to rob one another. If you are using the banks often enough and not being stupid with your AP, running out before you can deposit a large lump of coins, you really ought to not have the problem of people ripping you off of much. Even if you do, oh well. You rob others and get more. It’s not the end of your game. Consider it tuition money. You just got a lesson on the importance of wise AP use and banks. Learn it this time.

Another thing I personally adhere to is not robbing from pires with less than 100 BP, usually. Sometimes I know a particular pire is just a banking drone with intentionally tiny BP to discourage thieves and might rob it. Other times I’ve just been in a square with 5 or 6 other vampires and accidentally robbed one that I hadn’t meant to. But normally I don’t rob from pires who are that low in BP as I know it can be tough getting the money together to gain powers and buy items when you’re that new.

Now, I’ve seen people get very upset and talk a lot of shit about it when people rob them. I’ve seen several go so far as to lecture others on how lame they think it is to ‘leech off others’ or what have you. To these people I have but one thing to say: It’s a game, that’s part of it’s design, get over it.