Special Places

1 minute read

With regard to certain places of the city, there are a couple special locations I haven’t really mentioned in this series. The most notable is the Graveyard. You probably got a good idea of what it is by reading the FTA FAQ that is part of the Powers Texts. At least, you better have. If not, go read it now by clicking here.

Like I say in that document, be a decent pire and don’t mess with other vamps while you’re in the visibility of the Graveyard square. It’s just disrespectful.

Another building type I never mentioned is what’s called a ‘Lair’. Raven Black made a special square for one of the games most well known and respected players recently and named it after her. Her square reads ‘Devil Miyu`s Lair’ (hey honey ^.^). He did this not just because he and she are friends, but because Ms. Miyu has donated over $100 beyond the costs of her own powers towards RB’s server costs.

Since so many players got in a big buzz about it, he decided to make the offer that anyone who donates towards the game at least $100 beyond the cost of a full set of powers can now have their own lair. The lair has no special area effects, so don’t bother flocking to it to go see what happens. Nothing special will happen to you in someone else’s lair.