The Powers

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Well here’s the coolest shit. Getting the powers. And here’s the best way to get all the powers as fast as possible: Donate $200 to RavenBlack and you will have them the next day. In fact, you’ll be eligible to get a building of your own in the city. Your own lair.

Oh, you expected a little more detail than that, right? And maybe a little bit about how they work, what they do, etc. Yeah, ok, I can do that I suppose. I presume you’ve read this in the HTP, but here’s the official listing of the powers and their effects from that:

  • Celerity (3 Levels Available): the Vampire's action points normally recharge once every 30 minutes. Each level of Celerity reduces this by 5 minutes.
  • Suction: the Vampire extracts an extra pint of blood from each victim, at no extra cost.
  • Surprise: the Vampire can enter a square that would usually be considered overcrowded.
  • Stamina (3 Levels Available): the Vampire usually has a 50 Action Point maximum. Each level of Stamina increases this by 10. Stamina also affords extra resistance against some attacks.
  • Shadows (3 Levels Available): Vampires usually disappear from sight if they don't move for 4 days. For each level of Shadows, a Vampire disappears one day sooner.
  • Locate (3 Levels Available): Using Locate, you can find out where a Vampire is. At level one you can only tell distance; at level two you can tell distance and direction; at level three you can tell exact location. Uses one action point per target. Used from the "More Commands" screen.
  • Thievery (3 Levels Available): At level one, up to 25% of the target's money can be stolen; 50% at level two, 75% at level three. Higher levels also have their chance of failure decreased. A 'rob' option appears next to the usual 'drink' option if you have this power.
  • Neutrality (3 Levels Available): If you have the Neutrality power at all, you can't use Holy Water. Scrolls of Turning used by a Neutral vampire cause no damage. You are rendered immune to the damaging effects of Scrolls of Turning (though you can still be moved). You take reduced damage from Holy Water; the amount of reduction increases the more blood you have. At level 3, you take only one damage from holy water - less than being drunk from by a vampire with Suction. Unlike the other powers, Neutrality can be removed, for a price. Neutral vampires are highlighted in pink. Neutral vampires can't give money to non-Neutral vampires, since that would be a breach of Neutrality. Also, each time you steal as a Neutral vampire, half your take goes to the Peacekeepers; the same applies to normal vampires stealing from Neutral.
  • Telepathy (3 Levels Available): The vampire is able to send telepathic messages to other vampires, no matter where they are. At level one it costs ten action points to send a telepathic message. At level two it costs six. At level three it costs two. Sending a message to your sire or one of your childer costs half the action points of communicating with other vampires, ie. it costs only one action point to communicate with one of your childer using level three telepathy.
  • Second-sight (available only to donating Vampires (at least \$5), as it increases server load): the Vampire can examine the statistics of other Vampires. Uses half an action point per target. Used by clicking on the name of the target vampire.

I really won’t bother elaborating on the powers any further than that in this document, as you should now go read the Powers Texts in full, and the additional text, Powers Help. Each power besides second sight is fully detailed in the Powers Texts, complete with sample quest texts. The Powers Help document was one I wrote as an addendum to the ‘P-Texts’, due to a large number of pires contacting me and asking what was the best way to go about getting the powers and which ones were most important.

You can find the Powers Texts prominently linked on the main Sanctum Andronici page, along with the Powers Help file. To go directly to the P-Text’s first page, you can click here. To go directly to the Powers Help addendum, click here.

Of course, if you’ve already read those or would just like to finish off the current series of documents, there is more information you haven’t learned yet in the final section, The Other Stuff.