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::: Quick & Dirty :::

Available at: Allurist's Guilds (All)
Cost: 7,500 coins + quest.
*No levels for this power. Once only cost.*
Perception lets a vampire see what vamps have money and gives warning of hunters.

::: Detailed Description :::

Perception is obtained at the Allurist’s Guilds (any of them), and is a one time quest.

Perception performs two separate functions: 1) It gives early warning of all Vampire Hunters (humans with attitude). If you have Perception, when you would normally see a “white” Human in a nearby square, you will see them as green with a black background. This does NOT mean that they are “run down and available for destruction.” It just means that they are a hunter. If you choose to enter the square with them, prepare to deal with them just like anyone else (i.e. chase them down and lose potentially hundreds of BP).

2) It gives you a CHANCE of knowing if vamps who share your square have “a lot” of coins. There is a lot of speculation as to what the threshold for “a lot” is, but generally speaking, if a vamp is yellow, they’ll have more coins than if they are white.

If you have both Perception and Thievery, this decreases your chances (but does NOT eliminate) seeing “You fail to steal from XXXXX”

::: Sample Quest Texts :::

Once you pay your 7500 coins to the Guildmaster, you see the following: To gain PERCEPTION, you must find and kill a vampire hunter within the next ten days.

You drink the human’s blood. You extracted XX pints of blood. You feel as if a veil has been lifted from your eyes. Your hearing is sensitized; you hear your own heartbeat, the clink of coins, and the distant sound of an Allurists Guild member speaking her congratulations, knowing you will hear it. From now on you will be able to tell when a human is a vampire hunter from a distance, and if you hear a vampire’s coins clinking that vampire will be highlighted in yellow.

You also found XXXX coins. Nice.

Simple enough, so long as you manage to come across a hunter in the allowed 10 days. Vamp_Sas came up with the following idea : 1) Put off paying the guildmaster until after you find a hunter (be sure to write down where the hunter was!); 2) Using a SoTel, transport yourself to the bank nearest the guild; 3) Withdrew 7500 coins; 4) Walk to the guild; 5) Pay the Guildmaster his fee; 6) Use a second SoTel, transport yourself BACK to the hunter; 7) Chase the hunter until you win. This method requires that you have a decent amount of AP before you begin and that you have 2 SoTel’s (and maybe a SoTurn or two for the bank/guild). Your only risk is if someone else finds the hunter while you’re doing steps 2-6, so don’t dawdle!