[1] Spawning from the Immolators

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1904, Zerachiel Aquila joins the Immolators. Much to his surprise it only takes two days until he meets the man who runs all practical aspects of the guild, a certain Mercurian Steele, whom he excitedly befriends, finding they share many common interests beyond philosophy. Only a few weeks later, the two could be filed as ‘best friends’.

Around August, Zyan’s ‘relationship’ with Mercurian turns into a hissy tactical debate over the joining of a spy from the Thieves Guild. Zyan leaves the clan, full of anger for Mercurian’s ‘grave mistakes’ in the matter, unable to tolerate that it happened in the clan he so admired up to that point in time.

Because he had quite a high status at this point and quite a few followers of his energetic and new approach to the Immolator concept, he recruits a few Immolators with ease into his newly created clan, Splinters of Dusk (September 1905), swearing to bring down the Immolators Guilds with the aid of their own apparent stupidity, calling himself a warring clan.

Mercurian tolerates the existence of the clan, as does Narayan, both in firm belief that a clan based on such harsh emotions and unstable moods could last any time or develope any credible amount of organization…