[2] Spying

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1929, Iyaria, pending second in command in the Immolators, is found to be a spy from Zyan’s clan. It strikes Mercurian emotionally and tactically, a deep insult in his opinion, and the pain of it in it’s intensity sparks of true hatred for the gekkonid clan (Splinters of Dusk). Iyaria is left to burn by the sun.

The 1st of January 1930, Zyan is attempt-assassinated. The vampire, however, has anticipated the move - he taunts the IGs and causes them to waste days in search of him, before he kills the two that were sent, ironically, to kill him. After that, the ‘war’ stagnates, and both sides resume hating each other from afar, quietly.

Between 1939 and 1941, five gekkonid spies are intercepted by the Immolators in total, two of them simultaneously from late 1940 to October 1941 - both undiscovered until they by chance are heard talking about gekkonid matters in a pub by an Immolator’s newbie.