[4] Political attempts since Zyan

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Since Zyan’s downfall, the gekkonids have tried spying several times again, often for different reasons: once to test their strength, to see if it would be safe to come out again (intercepted), 1972, once for malicious reasons (intercepted), 1981, and once for reasons of mistrust in diplomacy, 2001, also intercepted. Mercurian, accordingly, feels no trust for the gekkonids whatsoever, and is frustrated that his brother will not okay a minor genocide.

The gekkonids, having started as chaotic evil, could officially be called neutral-evil in the 1960’s, and traversed to neutral in the 80s, becoming detatched with the reign of Mictian in 2002. Despite their vow not to ally with anyone officially, the clan does harbour attempts of the sort to reaffiliate with the Immolators, feeling that both clans can learn from each other and put past conflicts aside.

Note that the gekkonids are unaware how much spying has been done exactly, as the records were never kept. Mercurian isn’t very outspoken about it, leaving it to bubble inside him, assuming they do know, which makes him mistrust them even more.

Mictian’s attempts to ally with the Immolators are more than genuine. He and Narayan get along so well that he feels himself an Immolator at heart, but as he grew up with the gekkonids, despite his first wishes to join the Immolators, he believes in staying a gekkonid until all past issues have been resolved and the branch-off clan can be reintegrated. He does not believe in redundant clans.