[5] Zyan’s whereabouts

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Zyan Quetzal these days lives in the labyrinth under Cemetary Hill, having cloaked it in magics that divert any locate attempts of those in the labyrinth to nothingness, as though the people in question were outside the city or dead. Those who know of it or have experienced it themselves (the magic cannot be felt otherwise than by noticing a failed locate) can assume vampires to be in the labyrinth, but they can never find out where.

Mictian d’Avarice, Neike Apollyon Satana, Black Unicorn, Lady Kayura and Sinister Glow are the only in the gekkonids that know for sure that Zyan lives and where he is. The rest assume it or have heard rumours at best, at least officially.

Zyan is not a daywalker, but he has more speed and is more knowledgable in illusional and manipulative magics than the Steeles - it would not save him, but it would do a lot of damage to the Immolators if they did try to attack…