[2] IG Application Approved Sheet

2 minute read

Greetings, fair vampire,

you have recently joined a clan ground in tradition and neutrality. We call ourselves the Immolators, based on our belief that what does not kill you makes you stronger, and it is that philosophy that you have likely joined us for.

We have come together to teach any vampire that wishes it the power of resistance, of strength, of stamina. That is all we are - to the outside. But the real secrets of mental craftsmanship are taught only to our members. Those outside our clan speak of levels, counting three for Stamina. Going by this system, within the clan, we can teach you up to level eight.

Unlike what we do in the city, our remaining courses are not as simple. They require lengthy training and such things cannot be aquired from one day to the next. Accordingly, in turn for the knowledge, you must be willing to be patient and have time.

Steele Industries is our main meeting point. Within, most our doings are coordinated. Accordingly, you will meet up with humans, and so it is now time you are told our code of conduct and our rules:

  1. You do not bite humans in and around Steele Industries. Not only do we want to stay undercover, which any outside association may jeopardize, but Steele Industries is also our center of politics, regardless of with whom, so it is a requirement that it is completely neutral, even to humans.

  2. You do not attack vampires unless they have paid for Stamina and you have been put in charge of them, or unless they have raised their hand against you or us as a clan first. We are neutral and we will never start a fight.

  3. You will listen to your superiors and you will lead your inferiors to the best of your knowledge. We cannot realise a meritocracy, but no one should abuse the hierarchic structure, regardless of where they are. If your superior gives you a command to pass on, you will not change that command, you will simply do as you were told to.

  4. No matter what the situation (even ones that would fall under law #3), you will never do anything to break the integrity of our clan. Included in that are: Publicising clanprivate information, allying with clan foes, spying, jeopardizing our neutrality by doing acts of war without express permission, and many other things. It is suggested you use your common sense here.

This may seem like a whole bunch of boring rules. Fact is, normally they will not tangent you at all. Whilst we are well-structured, we are numerous enough that all tasks normally have several people who could do them, and so it is likely you are rarely given commands to listen to.

Even if you do get one, please realise that it is, in the end, for your own good. We are a family and no one in this family would send you on a suicide mission or do something to harm you. Numerous or not, we would never consider a single one of us to be expendable. You are an individual, and it is exactly that individuality which is invaluable.

Regarding your new place in the hierarchy: You are starting at the bottom, but do not let that stop you from speaking to those at the top. I for one have a distinct interest in you personally - if there is anything you need clarified or discussed, feel free to get in touch with me.

Kind regards, Mercurian Steele