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Steele Industries was established by the Steele brothers who gave the company its name in 1437. Despite our long history in the steel industry, we have never rested ourselves on the tradition of years, but instead have always glanced into the future and onto innovations and inventions. We have specialized ourselves and where others have split production and design, we have sought to kept it merged.

Today, our primary products are high quality, earth-quake resistant steel structuring for skyscrapers, resistant aluminimium alloy helicopter hulls with specially worked out streamlined design, and premium train tracks that were built for stability and durability.

Of course the applications for steel and metal alloys these days is far greater than just a handful of large products. Our main goal is and always has been the continued research of where we can best put out knowledge to use and how to expand our product depth in ways that pleases you the most.

Regards, Narayan Steele

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PRODUCT LIST The complete product category list (at time of printing):


We also consider any and all inquiries about single make products should you have interest in such a project for your company or for private purposes should it not already be listed here.

For the most current list of availible high quality Steele Industries products or to commission us for project work, please do not hesitate to call 555-440-9999.

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RAVENBLACK CITY TRANSIT SYSTEM Steele Industries are the proud makers and maintainers of Ravenblack City’s transit system. We have had the priviledge to be commissioned by the city itself to keep this project active in the structural and technical aspect. It is our primary concern to make sure that the trains will never cease to run due to structural breaks, and that is our guarantee for Ravenblack City, which we have upheld since the early 1960’s when this project was handed to us.

(picture of a train)

Picture © 2005 City Transit System [CTS]

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CONTACT If you would like to contact us for any reason, be it a project commissioning, a request or concern, we’ll be more than happy to listen.

ADDRESS Steele Industries Umbrella and 44th Ravenblack City

PHONE 555-440-9999

FAX 555-440-9998

EMAIL correspondance{a}esteele.com