[4] Letter: From Narayan Steele to Mercurian Steele

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My brother,

in your last letter you wrote me that you have discovered a spy from the Splinters of Dusk in your midst and dealt with her. I am appalled by your behaviour - was it neccessary to be so brutal? We are a diplomatic clan and whilst the behaviour on sides of the Splinters was inexcusable, surely death was not a neccessary measure to take? Even if you would find arguments to support that, you have written me that you wish permission to destroy the clan. I cannot grant you that, brother, for you have lost your mind. You are suggesting I allow genocide merely because someone found out a couple of more things than they should have. What has the rest of this clan done to you? I know you feel strongly about the fact that Zyan has left us and done these horrible things, but if you were to act like you wish, you would only lower yourself to his level. Don’t you see that this is what he wants? His clan is in no position to seriously pose a threat to us, all he can hope to do is bring up the public against us.

Do not give him that satisfaction.

  • Narayan Steele, 09.11.1929