[5] Letter: From Narayan Steele to Mercurian Steele

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My brother,

a compromise: I have put the Splinters of Dusk on our list of enemy clans and alerted our immediate and close friends of the matter. You are hereby given permission to hunt down Zerachiel for his betrayal. However, you will NOT touch the rest of his clan, for they have done nothing, and as said before, I refuse to jeopardize our neutrality.

Please meet me tomorrow in Steele Industries so we can talk about this. I know you realise that I still hope I can veer you from this path you are taking, but I will no longer stand in your way of the above mentioned goals. It pains me that you would even consider the destruction of an entire clan, or of any individual, but I understand that some action must be taken.

I am sorry, my brother, for the grief I must be causing you.

  • Narayan Steele, 29.12.1929