[8] Flyer

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Advent, Advent, ein Vampir brennt, erst eins, dann zwei, dann drei, dann vier…

Fellow vampires of Europe, the mighty Immolators Guilds are a farce. For the past years since 1905, they have been focussing on a small and seemingly insignificant clan that has kept prodding them repeatedly, usually with very sharp sticks: Us!

What has this world come to, when one of the clans presumed most numerous and powerful clans lets their lives be dictated by one with a mere hundred members? How can this be?

Times have changed, and it is time for the Immolators to wake up from their pathetic hybernation. You will find nothing other than cowards and confused individuals in the dying old clan - if you really want to learn the meaning of ‘what does not kill you makes you stronger’, you should join the Splinters of Dusk instead.

Immortality and Immolators may start with the same four letters, but the two have never been as far apart as today!

Be part of the revolution.

  • The Nova Splinter Zerachiel Aquila