Letter: From Natalie Chang to Narayan Steele

3 minute read

From: Lady Kayura To: pinkgothic Posted: 16 Jan 2005 07:01 am Subject: (Sent a PM to Narayan but sending to you so you can see it)

A letter finds it’s way onto Narayan’s desk with his morning mail. The envelope is simple. Should he open it, he would find three pieces of paper. The first is white, written on with a tiny yet elegant script on white paper. A crest, of a stake piercing a heart rests in the upper left corner of the paper. It is addressed to the day walker.

‘Greetings Mr. Steele,’ it began.

‘My name is Natalie Chang and I am writing you in hopes that you might aid me and aid yourself. I am a vampire in the city only months old. My sire is a vampiress by the name of Kayura who it seems you may know.

I am writing in hope of finding your brother. I have some information I would like to pass on to him. I realize that there is no reason that you should help me without first knowing something of the nature of why I wish to speak with him.

Enclosed you shall find two copies of pages taken from my sire’s journal. I would send you the originals but I do not wish to damage the books she has written in. They may prove worth more whole than in pieces.

Your time is appreciated.

Truly, Natalie Chang’

Should Narayan have read thus far, he would have found two more pieces of paper. The first was a photocopy of some journal, the writing was noticeably different. Larger script, curly and much less attractive, the page was filled with it.

Zyan. In a way, he is a lot like Mictian. Charming, seductive and much more powerful than I am. Than I ever will be. Meeting him was as if I were meeting Mictian again but under different circumstances. I was allowed to like Zyan where I couldn’t do that with Mictian.

Anything, save leaving as I wished was granted by him. The only bad thing that I can say about my time spent with him and Frederick was the lack of a bed. Brick and stone is hardly a good way to sleep. And neither Zyan or Frederick would agree to give me a massage.

It was so lovely to see Neike come and find me. Goddess, I didn’t realize how much I had missed her. But things have changed. So very much. Zyan let me leave after I joined the Splinters though that was not why I joined. I feel a kind of peace among the Splinters that I did not have with the VS. It was a kind of peace I found among the Scions.

I cannot wait to go back and find Zyan again to speak with him and see if he might advise me on how to become a daywalker. How ironic that now that I don’t have to go back, I wish to. Though I will be sure to take a flashlight with me so I don’t have to depend on fire to fight the shadows. And the sun is rising so I’ll end this.</i>

The next page was written with the same messy script though messier than before, as if written faster.

He knows! Mercy knows about Zyan. I spoke nothing of him, I kept my silence but in that silence, I gave too much away. If he finds him, it will be my fault! And the only thing I can do to protect him is to stay away though I hate that.

Even if I don’t speak with him, it’s enough to just be in his presence. He gives me hope that I can achieve my goal. To not be able to go to him whenever I wish is killing me again.

I hate Mercurian Steele. If I had the power, I would kill him. Fuck neutrality. It would save my clan, I would do it. But I don’t have that power yet. I don’t even know if the bastard can be killed. Sunlight doesn’t harm him. Perhaps if someone removed his head.

I wish he’d just leave us alone. I wish he’d get a damn hobby that didn’t involve my clan or clanmates! I don’t understand his problem. He’s obsessed, that’s clear. And I know about obsession. I hate him. I hate him. I hate him.</i>

And so it ended with Nat hoping for a reply from either vampire. She was locatable and her return address was on the envelope. If they wished, they’d find her. And she prayed to anything that might listen to a lone vampire that they would.