Profile: Mercurian Steele

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Mercurian Steele

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human name // Mercurian Steele vampire name // Mercurian year turned // 1436 apparent age // 28 clan // The Immolators Guilds

attitude // Mercurian’s attitude has had just under six hundred years to develop into it’s current form. Whilst he started out as the regular cliché of a party-loving student, little of that innocence has remained.

Since the vampire turning, Mercurian’s bond to his brother has increased dramatically, turning into an absolute. According to Mercurian, Narayan can do no wrong - perhaps be naive occasionally (look who’s talking), but never stupid. Anything his brother does automatically gains a levelof ‘holiness’, so to speak, and accordingly, Mercurian’s current loyalities lie with the Immolators Guilds, whom he is passionate about to a point of extremism.

He has zero tolerance for any threat to the health of Narayan, any threat to the survival of his clan, and any potential threat to the survival of his clan.

He started out as someone well capable of not holding grudges, but now years of dealing with vampire clans and spies and lies and hatred have made him more than bitter - he trusts no one outside his clan, except if he is in too much of a rush to judge. Whilst he does not trust people on default, he does respect them. His daywalker status has not made him think less of other vampires - in fact, he seems oblivious to it, as though it were a sidenote in his life.

It should also be noted that Mercurian never fully grew up. He looks to Narayan like a child might to a father, and his happiness are childish joys, bouts of glee that burst into existence almost spontaneously sometimes.

His pain tolerance is completely up the roof - it is unlikely anything short of destruction would stop this vampire if he ever went on a rampage. He is almost immune to pain entirely, using the physical sensation as means to spur him on rather than letting it knock him down. When in pain, paticularily the physical sort, but also emotionally, he seems to have infinite energy.

Despite this, he has forgotten the pain that sunlight brings. If he remembers, it is because he is planning to subject someone to it…

The only thing that would stop Mercurian would be to destroy Narayan - taking Mercurian’s hold to sanity from him, his support and pillar, his father figure, his mentor.

appearance // Mercurian is slightly taller than average, a lithe wandering cliché of a vampire: handsome, clad in black, thin but strong. He indulges in the cliché, knowing it is just that, but finding it safer to live out a poster life than displaying his own.

His hair is a short, spikey black and his eyes a deep, darkbrown. His clothing of choice is, as mentioned, black, and preferably silky. His brows are thin (not a line, though) but rather pronounced, and it is often that they furrow and the black hair stands out like the spikes of a hedgehog.

Astrally, Mercurian’s appearance is most interesting. His marketing smile (a trick his brother taught him) is easily seen as fraud by any creature halfways empathic capable of tasting auras - Mercurian’s is electric, a frightening storm of a mixture of magenta sparks and a glossy black mass of spikes.

Perhaps the aura is so violently destructive because Mercurian himself lives in a silent, everpresent pain of misunderstandings and backstabbings…

powers // Second-sight Suction Surprise Celerity(3) Stamina(8 ) Shadows(3) Thievery(3) Locate(3) Telepathy(3) Charisma(3) sire // Narayan childer // (none) partner // (none)