Profile: Narayan Steele

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Narayan Steele

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human name // Narayan Steele vampire name // Narayan year turned // 1436 apparent age // 34 clan // The Immolators Guilds

attitude // Very much unlike his bother, Narayan Steele is a level-headed vampire. His philosophy is that everything can be decided rationally. His logics drive people up the wall occasionally, but he makes up for it by being exceedingly charming in all situations outside debating, making him hugely popular.

His past time consists of reducing past time - if he has a spare minute, it’s most likely going to get spent worrying about the financial situation of the Immolators, of Steele Industries, or anything which needs worrying about, and even that which doesn’t.

He detests interruptions to his trains of thoughts and lives mostly introverted, knowing the inside of his Steele Industries office more than anything else. The person he speaks to most is his secretary, a human by the name of Elizabeth, who knows of him being a vampire and daywalker, but has never voiced issues with it. In fact, she does not treat him differently than she would a human boss and friend at all.

He wields his charming, disarming smile mostly when he has to achieve some political or economical goal by talking with people, aswell at to friends in any situation. His mannerisms outside his job are warm and hearty, and whilst he tells no jokes himself, it seems no joke is dull enough to make him crack a smile.

Whilst wrapped up in work, he is hectic, multitasking and not awfully approachable - but rarely ever to a point of rudeness. He will ask people to leave if he is busy, pointing out how wrapped up he is - only if they ignore his wishes a couple of times (the number depends on his stress level in the situation; anything from one to twenty times) does he blow up at people, snarl, and threaten more deadly things than giving no cookies.

He has zero tolerance for intolerant people and for those who openly speak of the destruction of innocents, paticularily his friends (which are considered innocents on default).

He’s often used by Mercurian as a mediator, a neutral element, as he truly does seem as neutral as Switzerland…

appearance // Narayan is a touch taller than his brother still, with the same physique, and almost the same strength hiding unseen behind it, a touch weaker than Mercurian, and far less determined extreme in rare cases.

He has a wavey blonde hair looking like gold silk that reaches down to just above his shoulders. His eyes are a bright, radiant blue sparkling with a mischievous sort of happiness and tons of charisma all the time. All in all, he looks amazingly aryan, almost disturbingly so. It is enforced by his vow to never slouch.

It is only his facial features, such at the aristocratically straight nose, which make it clear that he is related to Mercurian - that, and the natural litheness.

Unlike Mercurian, Narayan is horribly vain and thus picks his clothes with care - he does not look like a cliché at any moment in time, but always puts efforts into looking stylish and clan in modern yet never kitschy outfits.

powers // Second-sight Suction Surprise Celerity(3) Stamina(6) Shadows(3) Thievery(3) Locate(3) Telepathy(3) Charisma(3) sire // (none) childer // Mercurian and a couple of others (102 all in all) partner // (none)