Profile: Zyan Quetzal

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Zyan Quetzal

human name // Zerachiel Aquila vampire name // Zyan Quetzal year turned // 1901 apparent age // 22 clan // Splinters of Dusk 1904 - 1942

attitude // Zyan isn’t very different from Mercurian at all. He has the same fiercely loyal passion and is just as moody and thick-skulled as the daywalker Immolator.

The main difference between the two is Zyan’s pre-emptive manner - he does not wait for an event to trigger his negative emotions, he simply plows through life with little to no regard of how others might have meant something. In that, the world is quite endangered, as he interprets everything negatively that was not spoken by one of the Splinters of Dusk.

Regarding ‘his’ clan, the gekkonids, Zyan considers himself a protector. Due to his tussles with the Immolators Guilds in the past, he considers them a constant threat to the survival of his own clan, paticularily as he reckons that daywalkers have nothing to lose. Where outsiders normally have a chance in debates and discussions with Zyan, Immolators are barely allowed to breathe.

Back before 1905, Zyan was a pleasant individual who had embraced the concept of neutrality. When Mercurian’s politics became too diplomatic with obvious enemies, Zyan’s attitude changed to something far more agressive.

Since 1905, Zyan’s alignment has not changed from chaotic evil.

appearance // Zyan was turned at the age of 23, and physically remained at this appearance. He has shoulderlength black hair he dyed an almost whiteblond colour, which give the strands of his hair a chaotic appearance as they’d grow out at different speeds - an effect he loves.

His eyes in contrast are a slightly bluish green, a bit like the sea, but very clear for a vampire’s, and very light - the colouring make them look unreal and artificial, really, but it is what gave him his name - Zyan, for cyan.

Very thin even before having been turned, Zyan has exceptionally large hands and long fingers, which he emphasizes more by letting his fingernails grow - he paints them a glossy black.

His attire is mostly the classical black, except for the occasional kitschy splash of colour in form of a T-Shirt just showing under his black leather jacket.

The profile of his nose is a narrow triangle with a delicate tip - giving him a very regal appearance, paticularily together with his naturally narrow eyebrows and thin lips.

powers // Second-sight Suction Surprise Perception Celerity(4) Stamina(3) Shadows(3) Thievery(3) Locate(3) Telepathy(3) Charisma(3) Healing(1) Astral(1) sire // (none) childer // Frederick partner // (none)