Episode IV: Conflict

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Persephony left the bar much drunker than when she had entered, and probably the happiest she had been since joining the Capadocians. It may have been the three bottles of blood wine she had consumed, or it might have been the conversations she had had with others, the first real conversations she had initiated in… at least 20 years, she mused.

She had, over the hard years she had been alone, completely forgotten the child she used to be, the bright, spirited, sharp-tongued girl that she had been during the good times of her life. Perhaps it was the alcohol in her blood, but she decided she didn’t like the girl she had become, the quiet, distrustful recluse she had been for far too long.

Stopping to snack on a passing human, and taking longer than usual to play with her food, she smiled at the corpse she dropped to the street. For the first time she took pleasure in her life. It felt… strange and new to her, to be so happy and secure in herself. Humming a Gaelic tune in her head, she took the purse of coins off of what remained of the human woman she had fed on, and resumed her pace back towards the keep.

Her mood only abated as she entered the Capadocian keep, and approached the main hall, sensing the very sombre mood of the vampires around her, who spoke in hushed whispers. An inkling of worry in the pit of her stomach slowed her pace and dulled her mood as she pushed open the mighty doors to the main hall. There were more people in the room than she could remember ever seeing in the time she had spend here, over a hundred vampires young and old milling around the room.

I realize this is a trying situation for us all, but I am here to make the transition as painless as possible. I understand and have come to terms that some of you will not accept the situation and will want to leave. For you, because I care about all of my members, I have few options.

Those who want to leave can either join the Sun Clan, who has agreed to take in any members here who seek the peaceful life. Or, if you so choose to venture out and choose a different path, we will have no ill will and will wish you the best of luck in the future.

To everyone else who is willing to give this opportunity a chance, I give you my word that I will quite literally die trying to save this clan and its members from falling.

Three important changes are going to be immediate:

  1. All 2nd in commands of each house will be put into the 1st command slot. In turn, the 1st in commands will be dealt with on an individual basis, meaning that in our private talks their new positions within this clan will be discussed.

  2. A list has been made over time. All members who have been behaving in a manner not in accordance to Capadocious’ rules will be thrown out immediately.

*In a side note: If you think you should be allowed to stay you have options. You can contact Moondreamer and discuss with her your reasons for wanting re-admittance. *

  1. I’m not naive. I know that this clan is made up of at least 50% spies. However, I’m willing to work you people. If you can be productive in your house and not be caught or disturb the works within this clan, then feel free to stay. However, if you get caught being what you are, then you’re out of this clan.

*Another side note: Those who are thrown out for treason will not be able to appeal their case to Moondreamer. *

I look forward to helping each and every one of you become the best Capadocian that you can be; making this clan a close-knit community. I will love each and every one of you as my childer and if any of you have any questions or concerns, I am more than happy to address each of them.

Empress Creperum ~Clan Capadocious~ Daughter of Lucius

Persephony turned away and hurried back to Foster, who still looked upset and distraught.

“That’s not real, is it?”

“It’s real. It’s bullshit, but it’s real.” “Foster, what’s going on?” Persephony felt a wave of fear overcome her, and all courage the alcohol had given her left her system, leaving her feeling as vulnerable as ever. Foster had a dark look in his eyes, and Persephony subconsciously stepped back from him.

He must have noticed her fear of him, and his eyes immediately softened. His hand rubbed through his hair, and he took a deep, though unnecessary, breath.

“I’m sorry, I’m just a little worried about Sandie. She’s my companion, my mate, did she ever tell you that?” Persephony shook her head, a little surprised at the admittance, but since the two were so similar, she might have suspected it subconsciously.

“She’s in a meeting right now with the other leaders who weren’t banned outright from the castle walls, trying to discern what’s going on and what’s to be done.

“Lucius, who at one time was Capadocious’ friend, has stolen the keys to the castle and handed them over to one of his childer, this Empress Creperum. She’s pretty much taken over the castle, implementing all these new rules and banning the leaders of the guilds, even Lord Capadocious himself.”

“Can’t the leaders do something about it? Just come in anyways?”

“Did you meet the very large vamp that guards the doors? Name’s Comm. He’s not very bright, but he’s one of the oldest in the guild. He takes orders from whoever holds the keys to the castle, which, at the moment, is Creperum. The second in command guild leaders are in a meeting right now to decide what’s to be done, if we’re going to leave the castle and meet at a temporary location until things are settled, seeing as these walls have been… infected.”

Persephony leaned against the wall beside him, frowning as her arms wrapped around her. It didn’t seem very fair, for this to happen just when she finally was settling in, and had just found some ties to this clan. But she didn’t know what to do. The tension in the air due to the whole thing was leaving many vampires in the room edgy, and she could overhear in the opposite corner a larger verbal argument between two vampires. One sounded familiar, and she guessed it might have been the cold female vampire that had sat on the board when she was tried for admittance into the Clan.

“I’m sorry that this is happening right now, when you’re so young and new to all of this.” Foster said, placing one hand on her shoulder. “These things do happen, though, in RavenBlack, and far more often than they should. It’s just another day in the city, really. We’ll get past this. Capadocious won’t sit around and let his clan be taken from him.”

“I wouldn’t know, I haven’t met the guy.” She said in a low whisper, looking around at the vampires around her, who all waited for any information, discussing what was to be done.

“That’ll change, so long as you don’t lose faith so early in the game.” He bowed his head to her, and stood up straighter. “I’m off, I need to make sure Leona doesn’t start a fistfight with our own members.”

“The argument in the corner?”

“Good ears.” And with that, he turned and walked off, darting through the crowd. “Be well, Persephony.”

Persephony looked around, distressed by all the confusion around her. Her happy mood now only a distant memory, she sighed, turning and running up the stairs towards the Silhouette’s guildhall. Quickly pressing the door insignia in what was by now a familiar gesture, she quickly entered the room, shutting the door and running down the narrow archway to the wider room.

Looking around the common room, she noted with some satisfaction that the room was empty of everyone, most of the members probably still out in the night or downstairs waiting. Climbing into the deep black-leather chair that had quickly become her favourite, she let the cushions engulf her and let a few bloody tears fall.