A Deal Was Struck

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It has been an interesting week for me in Ravenblack’s city. It started with an endless quest for money to get Thievery 3. I had been robbing for weeks and it was getting tedious.

Then I struck on the idea of exchanging real-life goods and services for Ravenblack coins - the model has been tried the other way. Ravenblack routinely charges large sums of real dollars for possessions in-game, but as far a I know no one has tried it the other way.

So, I approached a clan who I provide ahem services to, but their business model doesn’t support donations :( A few days later, I was talking to one of the leaders of an evil clan. Bingo! They needed a forum. Hallefuckinglujah! They stumped up the whole of the coins for T3. I’d love to name them, but they’d probably kill me …



“Services”… :D Are you putting in innuendos of things that don’t exist, or am I really so oblivious?


Refraction, my dear, I have the blood of a tabloid journalist - I like stretching the truth. Besides, as one of my best customers, can you deny I provide a service? ;-)