childer….why have them? =S

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Why do I have one polite and good son, that helps me out around the place, takes care of things while the boys’ father is gone, and one rowdy, butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-my-bloody-mouth childe? I’m certain that Damin’s rough-housing with his cousin Azrael XII will be the death of me at least once…sigh I honestly don’t know how dear Majica has the patience to put up with those two causing trouble in her household.

Although, in a way I must be proud of my son for attempting to cheer up his poor cousin in this difficult time..maiming oneself for love would be quite hard to overcome. With all hope, my husband will be out of his slumber soon, I dearly miss him with only my extended family and our wolfhound for company. But we all do what we have to, I am quite happy to let him be until he is ready.

- Valorian.