The Becoming VI

1 minute read

Night falls again as I climb down the tower a single man. The Voice is no longer in control. It is no longer within me. It is me.

For some strange reason, a modern song plays in my head. The song says “Love is a battlefield.” No, I think, life is a battlefield, love is a weapon.

In the moon light, I search the rocks at the foot of the tower. Hours pass and my search becomes more and more desparate. Not only did I come here to remember, I came here to take something back with me, so I never forget.

I find it. A red glint at the base of two rocks. I reach in and grab the heart. It’s just as beautiful as I remember it. “You stole my heart too,” I say out loud, smiling “but I have yours.”

My quest is over. All these years in the dark, not knowing who I was, it’s over. But as happy as I should be, I am saddened by my past. All the things that could have been…

No regrets. That’s what The Voice would say if it were still around. No regrets.

It will be morning soon. I should really start moving. I’ve got a ride to catch, but I must first stop for gas. I think there’s a town east from here. I’m willing to bet I’ll find someone who would help me out.