Peace and Love Archangel-Style

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This publication is going to risk opprobrium by stating that there was much about todays events around the Hall of Binding that we found stunningly audacious. The idea of massed ranks of pink-skinned peaceniks commandeering the hall that commemorates love evokes memories of human civil rights disputes from decades past.

Clan Archangel provided themselves with a perfect platform with which they could humorously take some small steps to redeem their reputation in the eyes of the city. It could have been so funny, so clever, so notoriously noteworthy.

But no. In the time honured tradition of Clan Archangel they took a good idea and dragged it down below the level of the gutter, to the level of the child molester. Their leaders are lucky. They deserve worse than they have received.

The Ravenblack Grimoire sincerely hope that the leaders that remain are those that have the bright ideas. That we might see similar flourishing without the filth in future. But we aren’t going to hold our breath.