A Day to Remember

1 minute read

Today lies on a ragged faultline for this city, for today is the day that Lucius takes a new wife. There is no individual more able to polarise opinion than this one time leader of the Ferrymen. To his followers he is the new messiah, to his enemies he is the son of Satan, a hate figure unsurpassed by anyone.

The roots of Lucius’ infamy lie in his previous binding with Ophelia, the revered Chancellor of the Shadow Court, which did not conclude satisfactorially.

There were unconfirmed reports yesterday that Ophelia had been spotted in the classic Jackie O disguise of headscarf and big sunglasses leaving Discount Magic with a trail of young men carrying heavy boxes. If true, there is nothing to suggest that this was anything other than a routine shopping trip.

In fact, it has been brought to the attention of the Grimoire that Ophelia and Lucius’ bride to be, Damari shared a drink and a chat in the exclusive members club, Notte Scura, recently. Although we were not privvy to the details of the conversation, our source was able to see that the talk was pleasant and friendly, completely without rancour.

Whether today will bring carnage or carnations remains to be seen, but the Ravenblack Grimoire is sure that it is a day that will be remembered.