Lucius in Agony Role for Grimoire

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This publication prides itself on it’s independence, and it’s unbiased reporting of events within the city. However, when it comes to our columnists we like them fiery and opinionated.

As such we are very pleased to welcome aboard the arch rabble rouser himself, Lucius. Lucius has agreed to become the Ravenblack Grimoire’s agony aunt, willfully solving the problems of the denizens of this city. Published every Monday, Dear Lucius will probe the dark and seamy underbelly of Ravenblack’s city with his witty and incisive views.

So, if you have a problem that you feel needs the personal touch of the High Priest of Lies himself, do not hesitate to email him at

The paper would like to stress that Lucius’ views are his own and not those of the paper.