Observations From The Lawnchair- The Galvanizing of the Alliance of Fire

5 minute read

So what has this massive attack, by numerous clans under the flag of HoH, on The Inner Circle and specifically What The, done? It has caused The Inner Circle aka TIC, a clan that was rather quiet, staying to themselves and non aggressive of late, to reunite with many of their former allies, add new ones and grow in their desire to master their opponents. Which so far, it appears they have.

With the help of ophelia and her small but mighty yggdrasil, the tag alongs of Empty Spiral (many of whom were once huge Cap supporters), Virtus Sodilitas, and the fake clan with 3 members and make believe students, The Empire… ok I am sorry, maybe they had four at one time.

In my view, if AQD(AQelDroma) and the HoH clan itself, who I have always seen as powerful and organized, had simply attacked The Inner Circle… mano y mano and demanded it remain fairly one on one, then they may have truly gained a foot hold in this city. Yes yes The Inner Circle may have called in troupes from the outside, but then, they to would have been seen as afraid of their aggressors and incompetent to defend themselves, so they would have defeated themselves, in a public nature, by doing so in some way and I can assure you shredded by this publication for it.

Instead of HoH strategizing carefully on how their actions would effect TIC and their allies, they jumped in with a horde of accomplices and reigned Hell down upon their own heads. From what I have seen and heard, House of Heorot, has this belief of all guns out in front, full steam, do not give the enemy the upper hand, approach. Which being that it so far has not been that effective, I am unsure why they stick with that same premise.

Fact is, none of HoH are dead… and that is because they CAN handle their own fights, they are just not willing to… and their excuse for this always is, well TIC and the Ex Dark Alliance cronys, NEVER fight alone. Well I know one clan that fought CoB on their own, my clan The Sanctuary of Immortal Enlightenment and it was an out and out battle on the CoB side to keep their allies at bay… In fact, it was sheer Hell for SIE to keep HoH out of their war with CoB, even though they had yet to officially agree to be aligned then.

In the end, The HoH’s need to join in on the fight and their pressure on the leaders of SIE to allow them to jump in, broke off a pending possible alliance that was in the works and changed the course of SIE history for the better… forever. In fact, the inappropriate scandalizing of Hesu and SIE by What The and TIC, based on the insane rantings and shoddy proof of a madman known for such unscrupulous behavior, when they tossed them from their own alliance, had much the same effect, forever turning SIEs history onto a path of unexpected success.

Just by keeping any outside forces out, SIE built their reputation on one small battle. For them it was huge, for they had never been a clan of war. But keeping it one on one, fair and square and then defeating their opponent in honour, is what made all the difference in the out come. It was not solely the greatness of SIEs fighting skills, it was that they stood alone, one on one and chose to fight as a clan to the death, with no chance of support from outside.

So here we are… the CoB which apparently are now Cap bitches… EvilBill sired by Sartori, a very dedicated son of Capadocious, are basically dead (no surprise to anyone here). Even the great warrior Moirai, now related to Caps himself… is DOA and his family The Caps, (yes you read that right, Moirai is EvilBills son and EvilBill is a Cap making Moirai one) are close behind, leaving the HoH where? Back to where they could have started and perhaps won? With CoB dead, it wont even matter in the eyes of the city if the AOF died… being that as the underdogs in this war, they killed CoB… not that that is any longer a grand feat, but it is still a grand gesture.

The toll is now something like 10 to 1. AOF is kicking the asses of the HoH side from Hell to high water. The HoH side claims to be in it only for the fight, not caring if they win or lose, just rolling with the fun of battle. Personally, I do not see how, watching your clan and allies die is entertainment, but hey, we all have our own idea of what is fun.

The facts prove also that HoH may not be as carefree as they claim, since many clans in the Unholy Alliance consistently report of requests from the HoH side, to jump in on their behalf and assist. The pressure is surely on. … well actually both sides have requested support on this battle, at some level, but the heated cries from the HoH side have been far more intentional and demanding, almost desperate in nature from what I have heard.

In closing what can one say? They attacked, they are getting their asses kicked, they claim the fun is in the battle and not the winning.

Personally, I like to win. I like to win a LOT and I hate to put any of my members in harms way EVER, if I can help it. The strategy of my alliance is to strengthen and grow, but not for the sole purpose of being able to battle and defeat, but for the purpose of being able to protect all of those under mine and my mutual leaders reign. We work together to provide a force big enough to keep the enemies at bay and we do not NEED to fight. We do not get BORED, we enjoy each other. We do not need battles for entertainment, we are family and friends, we entertain each other daily. We work hard and see the fruits of our efforts and in no way does it correlate with our need to battle to keep from being “bored”

Whatever the case may be. It looks like the underdogs have become the possible victors… not that it cannot still turn onto the other sides favour at any time. Hell, I may be here next week reporting on how HoH is decimating the AOF… but I doubt it… unless they have allies hiding in the wings… but then again, maybe the AOF does.